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Picture Window Pro is a powerful photo editing program
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Picture Window Pro is a complete photo editing program.
It includes a wide range of tools to enhance your digital photos. The program allows you to load the picture you are going to edit from any drive, or acquire it from your scanner or webcam. You can then transform the image, by applying several geometry effects to the image, like rotate, mirror, crop, resize and fan, among others. You can also turn the image colors to gray, and apply specific filters, or adjust the color settings, apply blur or sharpen effects, add text, calendars, noise, textures and many other elements. You can manipulate the image completely, and transform it in every possible way. You can see the histogram of every image. Picture Window Pro even allows to create a workflow, where you can tell the program to apply a series of transformations to a group of files, automatizing complex jobs.

Once you are satisfied with your edited image, you can save it in a file under any of the popular graphic formats, setting the quality that you want your image to have. You may also print any pictures in an album.

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  • It includes every tool you will ever need to enhance and transform your digital photos


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